A2Zee.Net provides complete IT solutions. As part of our efforts A2zee also provides complete range of computer software products and support. We deal in licensed as well as limited license softwares.



A service means a lot to any company when it comes to providing support to their existing as well as their new IT infrastructure environment. We provide following services:


Annual Maintenance Contract (A.M.C.)


A repair all of a sudden might prove expensive and going in for an Annual Maintenance Contract can be beneficial. There are however, certain things that you must know about these contracts before you actually get into one.


  Comprehensive AMC: This includes repair and replacement of the faulty PC parts for a lump sum price. You are not charged separately for the labor or for the parts replaced.
  Non-Comprehensive AMC: This type of AMC does not include replacement of parts. It does not charge for the labor but the owner has to pay the actual price for the parts replaced.


General Maintenance: Whether it's your first computer and you need help, or just can't find the time, A2Zee.Net will set your systems up properly right from the start. Our friendly technicians will visit the site and install your PC, make sure everything works, and even show you the basic usage of the applications. Asteroid Solutions offers a full range of House/Office calls. Most PC techs have the basic set of tools, of course, like several sizes of Phillips screwdrivers and some tweezers. But Our Technicians/Engineers are equipped with advance tool chests that not only save your time but also prevent tampering of any components.