A2zee team includes talented designers, who can give your existing site, or your new site, a fresh, modern, professional image.


When you are conducting business on the Internet, image is everything.If your site looks like it was built by an amateur then you will lose business. It's very important to have a right image for the right business.


What makes A2Zee different from the rest? We believe it's not just our creative and technical abilities which make us stand-out, it's also our customer service and dedication to delivering sites which really work for our clients.


We design custom design websites and deliver your design, your image, your business as per your expectations. From our experience and research we realized that there are several reasons, why a corporate needs a website:


  To generate more public awareness of the company;
  To enhance the corporate images;
  To generate more enquiry for company business;
  To share information through website;
  To educate the company’s customers about company product and services;
  To replace the company hard copy brochure; Your website design is a reflection of your business as well as corporate image.


Just as you want your business correspondence to show your best side, you certainly want to have your "best image" for an internet visitor. Whether you have an existing website which needs revamping or creating your first internet presence, we can help you identify and target your audience, creating a site that appeals to your customers. Good design is the key to make your website stand out from the competition.


To set up a website you need a complete website solution, most of the company outside the market only provide some services like web design without web hosting or domain registration. Even though they provide the web hosting, but the server does not belong to them, hence customer facing a problem to deal to too many party just to set up a corporate website. For your information a professional website design need one stop solutions, not just web design it including below all the requirement:


  Domain registration:

A2zee provides domain registeration from ICANN ACCREDITED domain registrar only. So you don't have to worry about for your domain rights.


  Website hosting:

A2zee provides reliable hosting which suits evey business small, medium or large we have a solution for every size of business. We provide affordable hosting plans with 99.9% uptime guarantee and make sure that your business runs smooth on the internet and stay connected to the world. All of our servers are well protected by firewall, antivirus as well as anti spamming software.


  Email hosting:

A2zee also provides email hosting facilties to give your business every solutions to stay conneted to internet and with your clients at all time. All of our servers are well protected by firewall, antivirus as well as anti spamming software.


  Custom website design:

A2zee provides custom website design as we understand that every business needs a unique look and feel and image is very important for every business. Our team of experience designer are fully capable of handing any kind of complex design. Our team of skilled designers are capable of providing designs to the world standards. By our experience we have developed special skills to enhance outstanding website including interface graphics, gif animation, flash animation, background music, color schemes and java effect. You can be assured that your design will stand out from the competitor.


  Custom programming:

A2zee provides customize programming solutions for every business need at an affordable cost. We understand that every business is different and requires customize solution for their needs on the website. A2zee provide Custom PHP Proramming, Custom ASP Programming & totalContent Management Solutions for your website needs.


  Custom Designed E-commerce Solutions

We provide Custom Designed E-commerce Solutions which includesCustom Build Online Store, Customized Web Based Application Developmentand Custom Shopping Cart Solutionto fulfill the desired need fo your website requirements.


  Website Maintenance:

Do not assume that your visitor is interested in history. Give your visitor something worth reading in an interesting format and he will return to your site and recommend it to others. The most visited websites are those which offer unique content and easy access to information the visitor cannot find elsewhere.


Hence, the website maintenance is very important for a corporate website . From time to time customer may need to update the information in the website, A2zee provide after sales services, i.e. you may choose to signed up a yearly maintenance contract with A2zee. This contract may help your website to update whatsoever information customer need to update into the website.


  Website Traffic monitoring and analysis system: We have developed our website traffic monitoring and analysis system, this system can generate more than 20 reports such as visitor hit, unit visitor hit, visitor's IP address, which search engine does the visitor find your website, what keyword does the visitor use to search your company website from search engine, no of page the visitor have view and etc. Generally, the normal website designer will only produce one visitor hit counter, this hit counter is unable to analyze the actual report as A2zee's Website traffic monitoring and analysis system does.